Polystyrene Cladding Hobart>My name is Wes Richards; I am your local sole trader with over 19 years experience in the plastering & rendering industry. Im a certified installer of Masterwall insulated wall Cladding system.  I’m committed to providing you with high quality Workmanship every time so your job is done Wright the first time. My services base is around Hobart and all surrounding suburbs.

As an Accredited Installer of Masterwall insulated wall cladding system, I will guarantee to provide you with a highest Quality products & Service on any projects from start to finish.  I will work with you to complete your projects on time & within your budget. You will receive a Applicator certificate after the job is finished for warranty.

MasterWall – better value, faster installation and superior quality 

MasterWall has become synonymous with insulated external polystyrene cladding wall systems, pioneering the complete-system approach that is now established as industry best practice. The MasterWall system meets all Australian conditions (CodeMark accredited / Bushfire Attack Level – BAL 29 / Cyclonic C4 Rating) to provide a long-lasting, energy efficient, weather-tight building envelope with design flexibility, economy, excellent performance credentials, and a low life cycle cost. That’s why MasterWall is the leading choice of Australian builders, architects and designers.

MasterWall Overview

MasterWall polystyrene wall cladding is an external lightweight, fibreglass reinforced, insulating wall cladding system that has been specifically developed to meet Australian conditions and is based on proven technology used extensively throughout Europe and North America for more than 60 years (also commonly referred to as EIFS – External Insulation Finishing Systems). The complete system includes the application of approved acrylic render systems, frame wraps, trims, sealants and opening flashings that combine to create a lightweight, weather-tight building envelope. The MasterWall system has passed rigorous testing to achieve CodeMark accreditation and Bushfire Attack Level – BAL 29 and a Cyclonic C4 Rating.

No other wall cladding product can claim such a wide range of benefits including – energy efficiency, design flexibility and economy.

All Masterwall Cladding is then finished with a complete Render & Paint System

I am Located in Rosetta, Hobart. I service all Areas including Dodges Ferry,  Sorell, Midway Point, Cambridge, Acton, Lauderdale, South Arm, Mornington, Bellerive, Howrah, Lindisfarne, Geilston Bay, Old beach, Glenorchy, Moonah, Newtown, Hobart, and many other surrounding suburbs out to Kingston.

If you’re renovating or even just planning, whatever stage you are at in the building process, I can deliver you with an Estimate or a precise quotation so you’re ready to start your project on time.

As your local, Affordable, plasterer, with over 19 years experience in the industry I am committed to provide Quality workmanship & Guarantee a seamless finish so your project will look perfect for years to come.

For your next Rendering project make sure to try us first. Simply call me on my mobile or email me anytime to book an appointment for your complete Masterwall of K –Series quotation.